Kick-Off 2021: Accelerating Transformation, Simplifying Network Migration, and Building on Our Momentum


2020 wasn’t just a year of disruption. For, it was a year of new beginnings and new opportunities. We spent the year building the foundation for our business through partnering, expanding our presence, and meeting with new customers.


In our conversations with enterprises, it is clear that there is an appetite for change, growth and transformation in infrastructure. 2020 showed many organizations that more of the same isn’t the best way forward and adoption of cloud and a new networking model is accelerating. We’re seeing growing demand matched with new urgency.


The Middle East cloud applications market alone is expected to grow from $2.0 billion in 2019 to $4.5 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5%, according to MarketsandMarkets.McKinsey noted that there was a five-year leap in digital adoption in just eight weeks in 2020. That’s how fast the market can move, it has to and what remains fundamental to this transformation is connectivity.


We’re playing a key role in enabling enterprises to move from traditional on premises applications and services connected with MPLS and/or cloud public services, to a private cloud infrastructure. That shift is accelerating in the Middle East and Asia-Pac and enterprises need the support of networking experts to get it right.


Throughout 2020, we saw a tremendous response to our solutions from organizations across vertical segments like healthcare, manufacturing, and oil & gas. Digital transformation in verticals is a key theme for 2021 and connectivity will be the bedrock for Industry 4.0.


We’re going to be evangelists for SDWAN in the Middle East, Asia-Pac and beyond. We believe in enabling our enterprises to maximize the value of digital transformation with flexible and agile connectivity, and are working closely with customers and partners to enable their success. Overall, 2021 is going to be about reaching more enterprises and helping them to seamlessly migrate from legacy networking to dynamic and agile SDWAN solutions.



Our Priorities in 2021


  1. Building on Our Momentum: After a big year building our foundation, we’re ready to engage more partners and customers and help them to drive their network transformation projects. We have a base with some great customers that we are going to expand on throughout 2021 and our success will be focused on working with customers that share our passion for new ways of working and solving challenges.


  1. Growing Our Presence: We established our first point of presence (PoP) in datamena in 2020 and we’re going to continue to strengthen our physical presence with additional PoPs in the region. We’re going to take a measured and strategic approach to expanding globally. We’ll choose PoPs in locations where there is significant and growing demand for data center and cloud connectivity.


  1. Making New Connections: We’ve dialed up our outreach to potential partners and customers and we want to have productive conversations with more organizations. When we talk to a business, there’s opportunity to learn and understand their challenges and offer them new solutions. From making the case for network transformation to deployment and maintenance, we want the entire journey to be positive and successful.     


  1. New Talent and Skills: Throughout the year we’re going to be adding new talent and skills to our team to strengthen our support for customers and partners and offer customers access to even more cloud networking experts. Our team will grow with new hires across sales, product and operations.


  1. Adding More Cloud Partners: We believe in partnership and it will be a cornerstone of our business going forward. There will be a push to continually onboard new cloud partners across regions and expand our ecosystem. With a growing number of cloud partners directly connected with our platform, we’ll be able to offer unique value for enterprises across our footprint.


  1. Staying Focused: Our mission is clear, and we will remain focused on delivering agile, on-demand, secure and flexible connectivity services to customers. We will offer an end-to-end experience that makes the migration to SDWAN simple, seamless and easy. Every step we take, will be aligned with customer outcomes and ensure the success of their digital transformation projects.



Our Continued Evolution


Today, is a dynamic and growing business with a lot to offer our customers and partners. Whether we’re providing Direct Internet Access to a partner or a full SDWAN overlay and underlay solution to a cloud service provider, we’re out in the market listening and consulting with customers to find the best solutions for their organizations. We have the skills and experience to make a direct impact on digital transformation projects and ensure network migrations are seamless.


Throughout the year, we are going to be continually evolving our solutions to match market needs and deliver networking solutions that support digital journeys, for both our business and our customers. We had a great beginning in 2020 and now we’re going to take our business to another level.