Market Leading IT Manufacturer

  • Customer requirement to interconnect 30 sites internationally in a range of different locations, city and rural locations
  • Hybrid Internet utilising a mix of dedicated ethernet and internet access connectivity solutions
  • Utilised SDWAN distributed CPE’s with orchestration to provision for future services, such as security and policy management
  • Retired traditional WAN appliances streamlining network and reduced cost
  • Reduced latency and introduced application and policy control to improve CRM and backend system access

Global Logistics Provider

  • Customer requirement to connect 27 sites to datacentre and cloud infrastructure
  • Some sites difficult to reach with limited connectivity options
  • Utilising a mix of customer own MPLS network and newly provided internet access services
  • Migration of services to internet access only over time enabling retiring of MPLS service
  • Improve connectivity access to Microsoft Azure cloud-based
  • Policy management to gain the most effective use from connectivity and accelerate application performance

Global Cyber Security Company

  • Customer requirement to create a secure global WAN environment utilising dedicated private connectivity only
  • Utilised Neutrality SDN and local ethernet breakout for connectivity to 11 global cities
  • Utilise application control, virtual services and policy management to create a secure environment with full management and visibility of traffic
  • Retiring of MPLS network
  • Substantial cost savings, enhanced security and visibility via Neutrality SDWAN

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