Software-Defined Networking

Why SDN Why neutrality Application Performance

Why Software Defined Networking

Analysts forecast that enterprise spend on public cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) will double by end of 2018 through 2022 to $252B. The growing use of cloud-based services however brings added connectivity complexity.

Today, enterprises access cloud-based services using a myriad of public internet connections. With the average enterprise now connecting to over 20 cloud providers to run business-critical applications, performance and security is of paramount importance.

SDN For Best Cloud Application Performance

The cloud is at the heart of the digital transformation journey. Today’s Enterprises needs agile, secure & flexible cloud connectivity to ensure the best application performance.

Why neutrality
Open SDN For A Truly Global Experience

Application Performance
Smooth Application Performance For The Best User Experience

With applications becoming increasingly more centralised within cloud infrastructure, enterprises demand the best connectivity to connect people, places and devices to their applications. User experience is measured by application availability, requests, response times and error rates all of which are characterised by the underlying connectivity Open, secure, software defined networking offers the best way to provide a robust connectivity infrastructure service ensuring the best application performance.

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