Connecting the Cloud in the Energy Sector: Delivering Ethernet Services Across the GCC


A leading global energy company selected to roll out Ethernet services across the GCC to support applications hosted within its cloud and data centre infrastructure. developed and deployed a solution that would provide maximum uptime, performance and reliability across key Middle Eastern markets.


It provided a resilient and secure wide area network (WAN) solution to facilitate large file transfers and bandwidth-hungry applications. This enabled the organization to analyse samples, share data and collaborate in a secure environment.


By working with, the global energy company was able to rapidly connect office locations and data centres with robust and resilient network infrastructure.


Download the Use Case here: neutrality Energy Use Case


The Challenge


The global energy company had numerous office locations and data centre sites across the GCC that needed to be connected efficiently. It needed a partner that could offer secure networking for its highly sensitive data with the reach and relationships across the GCC to ensure seamless deployment.


The challenge was to connect diverse locations with a single unified networking solution that would be easy to manage and scale across the GCC. It needed a networking expert with local experience and vertical knowledge.


The Solution provided a rapid roll out of Ethernet services across six markets and included 25 office locations and data centres. The solution enabled cloud-based applications and services to gain access with a consistent user experience across markets.’s Ethernet solutions are fully MEF compliant and are offered with best-in-class service assurance and reliability. The customer solution put the global energy in control of its infrastructure and enabled it to rapidly scale-up to meet new and changing user demand. The solution gave the organization peace of mind and has enabled it to move a growing number of applications and services to the cloud.


The outcomes have been new stability, performance and security across its network infrastructure and foundation for continual transformation.




Enhanced Performance

The global energy company gained new levels of performance and service assurance, delivering consistent user experience for its cloud-based applications and services.


Secure Global Network

The organization has a secure environment for moving highly sensitive data and communications while benefitting from the flexibility and scalability of Ethernet.


Simple and Easy to Manage

The solution was built to be customer managed, giving the organization control over its infrastructure with a seamless integration into existing infrastructure.


“Energy companies benefit from the security and flexibility of Ethernet when moving sensitive data and optimizing applications. As cloud adoption accelerates in the energy sector, organizations are exploring opportunities to enhance their network infrastructure. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to solve their challenges and enable them to benefit from new cloud-based applications and services.”


George Szlosarek, CEO,