Connected Health: Delivering a Foundation for Healthcare Innovation with Direct Internet Access


A multinational medical technology company selected to provide networking that is both cost-efficient and ready to scale with its business. The global nature of its organization meant that it needed a flexible but consistent foundation for enabling collaboration and innovation across six key regions.


It selected’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services to improve its network agility and performance, whilst reducing costs. designed, deployed and is providing an ongoing managed internet access underlay service that guarantees performance, quality and service availability.


By working with, the global medical technology company gained an expert in network transformation and optimizing connectivity to meet unique vertical demands.


Download the Use Case here: neutrality Healthcare Use Case


The Challenge


The challenge was to evolve its approach to networking to serve the growing use of cloud-based applications and services across its global organization. It needed networking that could scale-up in unique markets and provide consistent user experience. With operations in 100 cities, it needed a provider that understood both global network deployments and local business environments.


The global medical technology company wanted a networking partner that could offer consultancy, a long-term road map and reach. It had to go beyond its legacy network and find a solution that could enable digital transformation projections being rolled out on a global scale.


The organization needed more than a connectivity provider. It needed the support of a networking expert with a long-term vision for the evolution of its infrastructure.


The Solution


The global medical technology company selected to provide DIA services that would form the underlay for its global Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) deployment.’s DIA services offers reach to over 180 countries with a simple and comprehensive solution. Using secure internet connectivity would allow the global medical technology company to consolidate and augment connectivity, streamlining its network and reducing costs in the long-term.


The solution enabled the organization to lower its Wide Area Network (WAN) costs and seamlessly deploy SD-WAN across its global footprint. As a fully managed service, delivers real-time monitoring, enabling the organization to focus on its transformation projects.’s operations team manages uptime, latency and overall network performance. provide a flexible foundation for accelerating global digital transformation.




Expert Support

The global medical technology company gained an expert in connecting the cloud and enabling network transformation.


Improved Connectivity

The global medical technology company upgraded its connectivity infrastructure with a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient one-stop comprehensive solution.


Enhanced Management

The global medical technology company gained proactive management, with reliable, consistent, and high-performance connectivity.


“The global healthcare market is rapidly transforming and requires simple but powerful networking solutions. Our DIA services remove the complexity from connectivity and give healthcare solutions providers trusted global networking. We’re experts in building networks that solve challenges and enable long-term transformation. With the infrastructure of a robust and intelligent network, healthcare organizations can create a cohesive and collaborative environment for users.”


George Szlosarek, CEO at